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V-ST Handpiece

V-ST next level Skin Tightening & Wrinkle Reduction

Experience the transformative V-ST handpiece, merging cutting-edge CORE™ technology with powerful contact cooling for immediately visible and long term results. This innovative handpiece targets deeper layers as well as delicate, thinner areas with precision. Give your patients effective, safe, and non-invassive traeatments.


The V-ST handpiece is indicated for skin tightening and lifting effect with unique Channeling Optimized RF Energy Technology (CORE™).

Available for: V10 | V20 | V30

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The EU-approved intended use is V-ST: Skin tightening | V-FORM: Temporarily reduction of cellulite and Body contouring via temporary circumferences reduction | V-FR: ablation and resurfacing of the skin | V-VR: electrocoagulation of soft tissues for treating vulvovaginal laxity. The vulva area is referred to as the labia major | V-IPL: Hair reduction, skin rejuvenation treatment of superficial small vascular and pigmented lesions and treatment of mild to moderate inflammatory acne| V-Nd: YAG hair reduction, treatment of vascular lesions and treatment of onychomycosis.