Radio Frequency, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), and Nd-YAG laser multi-technology platform

V30 combines three distinct technologies in one platform, offering unparalleled flexibility and versatility to treat all skin layers across various skin types

V30 Platform

V30 is a Multi-Technology Platform with “obsolesce” protection and configuration flexibility for smarter business investment. The platform incorporates IPL, Laser and RF patented and proprietary Technologies and offers a combination therapy for more effective results, control over depth penetration and unmatchable safety.

Each technology is accessible via a different handpiece and can be acquired separately, so you control your treatment menu.

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V SERIES Handpieces VST Min

V-ST combines advanced CORE technology with powerful contact cooling to deliver immediate results.

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V SERIES Handpieces V Form Min

The V-FORM featuring CORE technology and dynamic RF provide enhanced accuracy with clinically proven results.

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V SERIES Handpieces V FR Min

V-FR´s fractional RF treatments provide safer and more comfortable treatments to patients looking for skin resurfacing, rejuvenation and acne.

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V SERIES Handpieces V VR Min

V-VR using two advanced technologies Co-Polar and CORE.

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V SERIES Handpieces V IPL Min

V-IPL offers easy adjustment and customization of treatments to meet the specific needs of your patients.

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V SERIES Handpieces NYAG Min

V-ND: YAG has advanced technology for different indications with contact cooling and 4 spot sizes to increase functionality.

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The EU-approved intended use is V-ST: Skin tightening | V-FORM: Temporarily reduction of cellulite and Body contouring via temporary circumferences reduction | V-FR: ablation and resurfacing of the skin | V-VR: electrocoagulation of soft tissues for treating vulvovaginal laxity. The vulva area is referred to as the labia major | V-IPL: Hair reduction, skin rejuvenation treatment of superficial small vascular and pigmented lesions and treatment of mild to moderate inflammatory acne| V-Nd: YAG hair reduction, treatment of vascular lesions and treatment of onychomycosis.