Multi-Technology Platform

Customize your success with our adoptable Multi-Technology Platform

V-SERIES Platform

V-Series provides solutions suitable for all aesthetic practitioners, from dermatologists, cosmetic and plastic surgeons, general practitioners, dentists, cosmeticians, and Spa owners.

As V-SERIES is continuously developing new technologies and protocols, the benefits of integrating a V10, V20 or V30 into your practice will be quickly realised with increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

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Multiple technologies in one system.

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Flexible solutions that are easily upgradeable.

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Unique combination treatment protocols for the highest clinical efficacy.

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Superior results are achievable for physicians and patients.


Innovative Technology

Advancements within one platform. The V-SERIES multi-technology platform line is designed to provide the most advanced technologies. This helps you accomplish your business goals.
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Superior Results

Experience Four Advanced Technologies in One Revolutionary Platform. Elevate your clinic with a versatile solution that caters to diverse patient needs and a wide range of indications
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Varierty of handpieces

It is designed to provide you with the most advanced technologies and handpieces. A platform solution most compatible with your requirements allowing you to expand your practice as, and when, you need.
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The EU-approved intended use is V-ST: Skin tightening | V-FORM: Temporarily reduction of cellulite and Body contouring via temporary circumferences reduction | V-FR: ablation and resurfacing of the skin | V-VR: electrocoagulation of soft tissues for treating vulvovaginal laxity. The vulva area is referred to as the labia major | V-IPL: Hair reduction, skin rejuvenation treatment of superficial small vascular and pigmented lesions and treatment of mild to moderate inflammatory acne| V-Nd: YAG hair reduction, treatment of vascular lesions and treatment of onychomycosis.